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Cake Pops

Cake pops are balls of fun! They are little balls of cakes on a stick and are yummy and cute! They are not your usual cakes or cupcakes. Beneath the chocolate coating is fudgy chocolate cake. Cake pops are fun, they are colourful and perfect for all kinds of occasions! Both children and adults love them, we promise they are irresistible!


Price: SGD2.50 each onwards

* Customised tags can be added at $0.30 each.


Minimum order quantity: 25pcs (increments in multiples of 5pcs)


Default packaging: individually wrapped and packed in a cake box


Designs and colours

- 50pcs or less, you can choose 2 designs/colours

- more than 50pcs, you can choose 3 designs/colours

You can choose your colours, but we do pastel or medium shades and avoid dark shades (other than dark brown where dark chocolate is used) so as to avoid adding too much colouring.


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    Cake pops bouquet          
Small25 pcs$95
Medium50 pcs$165
Large80 pcs$240

*these prices are applicable for basic designs only i.e. sprinkles, swirls or smileys. A 1-sentence message of your choice is included. Numerical candles can be added at $2 per digit.


Only 3 working days notice is required!

(subject to availability. Working days exclude weekends, the day of enquiry and day of delivery.)


Place a quick order for cake pops bouquet HERE!

For bouquets in other sizes, contact us.

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Quick orders now available for Cake Pop and Cupcakes!

Only 3 working days notice required!

*Subject to availability. Working days exclude weekends, the day of enquiry and day of delivery.

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20 July 2014 is our last day of orders.
We will be closed for a break thereafter.
Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your support!